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Decisions At Retirement

Decisions At Retirement
The last paycheck, it's a time for many decisions, decisions that will stand for a lifetime and that will need to provide for you over that lifetime.

              • Pension choices: lump sum, single life annuity, joint life annuity, joint life with pop-up, 25%, 50%, 100%.
              • 401(k) plan choices
              • Stock Options
              • Buy-out packages
              • Special company bonus options
              • Social Security payment choices, 62, 65, 67, 70.
              • Company medical plan choices
              • Medicare choices
              • Medicare supplement choices
              • Do I need life insurance? a will?, a trust?
              • How do I turn my investments into an income for retirement?
              • How much can I spend?
              • How long will it last?
              • Where should I invest my retirement money?
  • How do I maintain an income if interest rates fall?
  • How do I not lose my assets if the stock market goes down?
  • What is "safe" anyway?

How comfortable will you be in 2 years? It starts by setting aside an hour to talk.

There are answers to these questions, but they are different depending on your specific situation. Getting a professional's guidance at this time can be very important when you are making so many one-time choices. Our approach has been developed to provide answers based on a defined process:
  • Comprehensive process to evaluate your situation and needs.
  • An investment policy that lets you sleep at night
  • Investment selection process that is structured to identify verified proven investment managers.
Including an investment professional who stays around to help.

Emphasis On Protecting Your Money While Providing Growth

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