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Health and Independence, When Care Is Needed

Health And Independence
Recent research has shown that not only are people living longer, they are also living better longer and with less direct care. This is good news for all of us. But the time will most likely come when we will need some assistance. Planning for this situation of assistance at home with maximum independence removes much of the uncertainty that can come in later years, whether it is for ourselves or a loved one.
                    • What options are there? (self-reliance, family, friends, self funding, government funding?)
  • What can I do to my home to allow me to maintain my independence?
  • What living situation choices are there?
  • What will it cost?
  • Will the government help?
  • What is Long-Term Care Insurance?
  • In what situations might I need insurance?
  • What will it cost?
  • Do I have enough assets to "self-insure"?

How confident will you be in your independence and health care? It all starts by setting aside an hour to talk.

With an understanding of your goals, expectations and family situation, your potential choices can be explored. Understanding your options, and setting plans in place can provide a level of comfort at a time when it is needed.

A comprehensive understanding of your current and projected situation provides the basis for the choices. Self-funding may be practical and is best implemented with a sound financial plan and investment approach. Long-term care insurance is a possible choice and the many options there can be explained.

Emphasis On Protecting Your Money While Providing Growth

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