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Providing A Legacy

Providing A Legacy
The success and rewards of your life are tallied in many ways. We all strive to leave a legacy for those who follow after us in the memory they have of our life and the helping hand we gave throughout our life. Some will also have a significant financial legacy to leave. How this is provided and how much actually goes to those we intend is based on early planning. A surprisingly small amount can make a significant difference to a grandchild or great-grandchild. Family members, charities, universities, religious insitutions, and special interest groups can have significantly increased benefits with proper planning.
                    • How can a will help?
                    • What do trusts do?
                    • A family college fund
                    • Family giving with consideration for all
                    • Special needs family members
                    • Giving money to a family member without making them lazy
  • Charitable gifting and giving a job to a family member at the same time
  • Company succession planning
  • Charitable giving; income for you now and the charity later
  • Charitable giving, maximizing your gift and your tax deduction
  • Avoiding paying more estate taxes than you should
  • How can I pass on my IRA without the IRS collecting taxes at my death?

What will your legacy be? It all starts by setting aside an hour to talk.

A comprehensive understanding of your situation can provide insight into your desires and how best to accomplish them. The proper planning can multiply your ability to leave a legacy many-fold.

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